Crytek Opens Alpha Sign-Ups For 'Hunt: Showdown'

Crytek announced that interested PC gamers can now sign up for the closed alpha for its upcoming shooter, Hunt: Showdown.

First shown at E3 2017, Hunt: Showdown is an upcoming free-to-play, four-player co-op, FPS title from Crytek’s U.S.-based studio. Set in the Louisiana swamps, four players split into two teams take on the role of Van Helsing-style monster hunters. Using Civil War-era and steampunk-inspired weapons, the two teams compete to track down an AI-controlled monster in a sizable, open-world map. The teams can kill, sabotage, ally with, or use each other in order to give themselves advantages in the boss fight.

If none of that sounds intriguing, then maybe you should think of this game as an open-world Left 4 Dead that also harnesses some of Crytek’s newest graphics tech. This game is much more stealth-survival than horde-survival, though. Check out some of the gameplay from E3 2017:

If your interest has been piqued, then you can sign up now for the just-announced closed alpha; it starts at the end of the month. Crytek previously announced that the game will also hit Steam Early Access, eventually. For more on the game, check out the lengthy developer diaries and streams on the game’s official YouTube channel.

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NameHunt: Showdown
DeveloperCrytek USA
Where To BuySteam
Release DateTBA
  • badirontree
    Early Access Game ... to get the money before they go under ... and lies in the court to make CIG pay :/
  • Toieo
    GPU's prepare to be brought to your knees haha
  • tblitch78
    20610098 said:
    Early Access Game ... to get the money before they go under ... and lies in the court to make CIG pay :/

    It's a free to play game dude.
  • ilderpg
    It's not free to play and others sites are spreading that incorrect information
  • coolitic
    I am pretty unsure about their decisions to turn it away from l4d-style coop with monster hunting into a PvP-focused game.