Custom Raspberry Pi PCB Lets You Play Doom on an NES

Bakutendo DOOM NES PCB
(Image credit: Bakutendo)

It seems like you can run Doom on anything, and with the help of a Raspberry Pi, the NES is no exception. TheRasteri created the original concept for this project on YouTube (and his project was inspired by Howchoo's NES Raspberry Pi Cartridge project).

But a maker known as Bakutendo has taken things a step further by developing a custom PCB that works with a Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ to create a working NES cartridge.

According to a blog post from Bakutendo, there are already plans to distribute the new PCB as a kit for developers to recreate this project at home. The details are subject to change, but the current parts list includes:

  • One Raspberry Pi 3 Model A +
  • One microSD card (at least 8GB)
  • One FX2LP CY7C68013A USB Development Board
  • One mini USB cable

You can check out the final project in action here:

The output doesn't handle any of the Doom sound effects, but you do get to hear the background music, and the graphics render enough actually to play on a real NES console.

There is a full breakdown of the original project and details about the new PCB on Bakutendo's blog. Check out the full post from Bakutendo for more information and future updates on this project.

Ash Hill
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