Upcoming 'Dawn of War III' Patch Fixes Bugs, Input Lag

Dawn of War III has only been out for a week, and according to feedback from players, the game needs some fixes.Relic Entertainment said a few patches are in the works, and that some will arrive as early as next week.

On Monday, a general patch will come out to fix multiple bugs, such as an invisible Bonesinger unit. For multiplayer, the developers are also adding the option to surrender if your units are getting decimated by the opposing player. There’s still a chance that you can come back and win the game, but for those who prefer to put a quick stop to the loss, this option will be available. Even if you surrender, you’ll still receive Skulls (the in-game currency) and experience points for playing.

Speaking of online gameplay, some users reported input lag issues. Relic said that this might be due to the fact players aren’t connecting to the closest server to their location (the studio has multiple servers around the world). However, the first week of gameplay provided the developers with enough latency data to begin to correct which servers are used in each region.

At some point later this month, the first balance patch will come out as well. Details on the changes are somewhat vague, but Relic said it will look at units that are rarely used (Tactical Marines were used an example) as well as abilities that are difficult to counter such as Zapnoggin’s teleportation skill. The studio’s also looking at the possibility of letting players come back from an early loss in a match. The multiplayer gameplay requires you to take out your opponent’s shield generator, turrets, and power core (in that order) to win the game. Usually, the loss of a structure is a sign of an early defeat, but the balance fix might let you win even if you lose a generator in the early minutes of a match.

You can visit the developer’s community page to check up on current bugs and fixes or report a newfound issue. We’ll update this story with the new patch notes when the update is released next week.

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NameDawn of War III
TypeReal time strategy
DeveloperRelic Entertainment
Release DateApril 27
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  • Fiqar_
    Gunna get this today! Hopefully, it plays well!
  • RomeoReject
    19654833 said:
    Gunna get this today! Hopefully, it plays well!
    Presumably, it should play better after these fixes.

    Personally, I'm going to wait until there's a mod to reduce the heroic units' role in the game. At the moment, it's more MOBA than RTS.