Super-thin Dell Adamo XPS is Under 1cm Thick

The market for the ultra-thin, premium laptop is small and exclusive. The main players are the Dell Adamo, the Voodoo Envy and the reigning champion, the Apple MacBook Air.

The Dell Adamo, unfortunately, wasn't able to measure up due to being underpowered and overpriced – even when being compared to Apple's product. Dell seems to have gone back to the drawing board and is back with a new version that'll measure even thinner at 9.99 mm (0.39 inches) all around.

Not much else is known about this product this far aside from what we can see from the teaser site. Stay tuned for more.

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  • christop
    OK how much??
  • alvine
    so you gonna buy this overpriced underpowered peace of hardware and walk around with a ruler showing your friends its millimeter short of being 1cm thick? gosh marketing these days
  • dark_lord69
    I would rather have a thick heavy computer if it provided plenty of power/performance.