Latest 'Destiny 2' Patch Fixes PC Stuttering Issues

Last week’s update for Destiny 2 caused stuttering issues for those playing on the PC version. However, a solution to the problem is available with hotfix version, which was just released.

If the update is available while you’re playing the game, you’ll return to the initial login screen when you complete your current activity. This allows the update to take effect. However, that procedure might not always work, so be sure to close the game and restart it to ensure that the patch is applied. Those in fireteams with other players who didn’t install the update will receive the “Sheep” error code.

The stuttering problems began after Bungie released a hotfix last week, which included general fixes, changes to the Crucible scoring system, and updates to Faction Rally token acquisitions. However, these changes also seemed to impact the game’s performance, which didn’t have any major issues prior to the hotfix.

Bungie recognized the problem as early as last Thursday and quickly set up a forum page where players who were affected by the issues could post their hardware specs. In addition, the studio asked for a full running process list and the results from a DxDiag test, which helped diagnose issues with DirectX video and sound. This allowed Bungie to get a clear idea of the many PC configurations affected by the problem.

The patch comes a day before the game’s weekly reset event. Every Tuesday, players will have the chance to earn clan experience and better gear through weekly events such as the Nightfall or Call To Arms challenges. This week also bring back the Faction Rally event where players can pledge allegiance to the Future War Cult, New Monarchy, or Dead Orbit in order to earn special weapons and gear.

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