DNF Demo Also For Borderlands Steam Buyers

When we found out that buyers of the Borderlands Game of the Year edition would be getting early access to the Duke Nukem Forever demo, we felt pretty bad for everyone who purchased the game last year on its initial run.

While buyers of boxed copy may still be left out in the cold, if you bought it from Steam, then you're in luck. It turns out that those who bought Borderlands on Steam will also be getting a free early access pass to the Duke Nukem Forever demo whenever it releases.

There's also an interesting angle here for those who are just Duke-crazy. Borderlands is $19.99 on Steam right now, which presents an interesting option for those who just want to play Duke ASAP without enjoying all the greatness that's in Borderlands.

UPDATE: Nevermind that, it seems that only the Game of the Year version gives the early Duke access now for new purchases. Boo.

Source: Big Download

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  • proxy711
    I'm pretty sure i read that they are only giving Borderlands owners the code for the demo if you owned borderlands before the GOTY edition came out. and that now if you buy the $20 version of Borderlands you wont get the code anymore.
  • back_by_demand
    Time to log into Steam and burn a hole in my credit card
  • proxy711
    Don't buy the $20 dollar steam game just because you want a demo key I've confirmed that it doesn't give a demo key anymore.

    People that have bought the $20 version of Borderlands aren't getting the demo Keys! there are multiple posts on the steam forums about it.

    Only the GOTY edition provides demo keys now!

    Marcus delete the last paragraph!