Final DLC Pack For 'Doom' Brings New Maps, Grenade Launcher To Multiplayer

The third and final downloadable content (DLC) pack for Doom is available a day before its intended launch date. Titled “Bloodfall,” it includes new content such as maps, hack modules, an extra playable character, and another weapon.

The new maps are Empyrian, a floating colosseum; Outbreak, an abandoned UAC facility were an experiment went wrong; and Boneyard, an outer realm of Hell. To combat the demons in these new maps, you’ll have a new toy to play with: the grenade launcher. The launcher also includes a secondary fire that deploys a smoke grenade so that you can hide from enemies. If you prefer to play as a demon, you can try out the new Spectre Pinky. This fast demon can be invisible so that it can sneak up on foes and brutally take them out.

To ensure that you have a better chance of survival in match, there are some new Hack Modules available. The Extra Protection and Augmented Healing modules give you additional armor and health, respectively, per health pickup. There’s also some new equipment available in the form of lateral thrusters. For cosmetic changes, you can check out the four new sets of Cultist-themed armor or try one of the new patterns and colors.

In addition, the developers also fixed some issues. For example, the “high amount of rapid key input” allowed for high damage from the combat shotgun, but that's now resolved. Gameplay playlists were also reduced to Team Play and Free-for-all modes in an effort to make it easier and faster for players to find a match.

If you own the game’s Season Pass, you already own Bloodfall. It’s also available as a standalone purchase for $14.99.

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PlatformsWindows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
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Release DateMay 13, 2016
  • Shaco01
    AMD has a winner. If it takes a 1000$ Intel chip to compete it means my next build will be Ryzen.

    Lol, it's all good I'm glad I waited for Zen. I had my Phenom 2 do well for me and had no reason to upgrade.
  • coolitic
    Still no SP DLC...
  • atwspoon
    Is this game even worth playing? Not convinced to pay the $$$ to try it.