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Germany Removes Doom Sales Ban After 17 Years

While media, including video games, can only be removed from the "potentially harmful games index" after 10 years and only upon request, the commission also concluded that the original evaluation that resulted in a sales ban in Germany may have been flawed.

As a result of the decision, Doom (released in 1993) and Doom 2 (1994) can now be freely distributed. The U.S. version of Doom 2 - Hell on Earth was excluded from the decisions as it includes two levels of Wolfenstein 3D, which includes "unconstitutional" symbols such as the swastika used by the Nazis. Wolfenstein 3D is listed as a "confiscated" video game in Germany.

According to the commission, the graphics and animations in Doom and Doom 2 are considered antiquated and not realistic. As the game has been generally considered as one of the most significant game titles in video game history and the U.S. Library of Congress decided to accept that game in its catalog of historically important media, the German commission argued that the game is historically significant.

The opinion that Doom and Doom 2 glorify violence by using realistic graphics and sound effects is no longer supported by the commission. They argued that neither the setting in an extraterrestrial world nor enemies that do not resemble realistic opponents promote violence. Strangely enough, the commission now argues that the task of saving humans from hostile extraterrestrials may reflect the opposite of thoughtless violence.

Wolfenstein 3D is unlikely to be removed from Germany's "index" at this time. According to German law, the index on a title will automatically be lifted 25 years after its ordered ban - which means that Wolfenstein 3D's ban will be lifted in 2017.

  • aznshinobi
    I'm sure they've torrented Doom by now.
  • bugo30
    I'm pretty sure it's been open source for more than ten years.
  • el33t
    ............the historical value of the FPS Doom is greater that its potential negative effects..........

    Hmmm... so it seems the world can unban porn magazines after 17yrs cause by then it's historical value would supercede its harmful effects. Sounds so sensible to me.
  • Archean
    You forgot to ask the next logical question, i.e. what is more harmful pron or FPS like Doom? I'll be inclined to say the earlier one is more dangerous.
  • back_by_demand
    This is very progressive for the Germans, I reckon we only have to wait for another 100 years before they teach kids that there was a WW2.
  • aaron88_7
    We need a worldwide ban on stupidity
  • back_by_demand
    aaron88_7We need a worldwide ban on stupidity6 billion people would be affected, making it unenforcable.
  • Andrei24
    unban carmagedon
  • ojas
    I kind of feel bad for the Germans, the Nazi legacy causes them a lot of problems.

    At the same time,
    Wolfenstein 3D's ban will be lifted in 2017.
    Which means that they can play it at 1000fps with 32x super-sampling AA on a 1080p screen. \m/ :D
  • back_by_demand In truth they're taught little else.