Techland Previews Legendary Levels In ‘Dying Light: Enhanced Edition’

Techland’s Dying Light turns one year old in February, and the developers will celebrate with the release of an expansion to the game titled The Following on February 9. That same date also marks the release of the base game’s Enhanced Edition, which includes a variety of new features. The first of these additions is the implementation of Legendary Levels.

The Legendary Levels are an extension of skills available to the player after one of the three basic skill trees (Survivor, Agility or Power) is completed. Once it’s unlocked, every experience point gained from activities such as missions or killing the undead goes towards unlocking another Legend level.

However, there are more levels in the Legend skill tree than the Survivor, Agility and Power combined -- 250, to be precise. Each new level allows you to increase certain statistics, such as maximum health and the amount of damage dealt to enemies. At 25-level intervals, you can also unlock more outfits, player emblems and weapons for your character.

The Enhanced Edition of Dying Light also brings other improvements in areas of graphics and gameplay, but the developers are bound to go into detail about each new feature with additional videos over the next few weeks. It will be available as a new bundle, which includes The Following expansion, or as a free update for those who already own the base game.

As for The Following expansion, the new batch of content is headlined by an all-new setting: the outback terrain of Harran, the quarantined city where the base game takes place. Obviously, this also means a new story. This time, protagonist Kyle Crane takes on a cult that has a hold on the surrounding area. Players can take various quest routes to unlock the mysteries of the cult, as opposed to following a singular storyline throughout the game. You’ll also have access to new weapons, and more importantly, a dirt buggy that you can customize with visual aesthetics as well as unique weapons to take out enemies while driving.

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  • kyle382
    dangit I just started replaying this game yesterday...should I pause until this game gets "enhanced"? lol # 1st world problems.
  • hitman400
    If Techland doesn't fix the console versions of not having the option to remove the entire HUD, I'm seriously going to flip shit. Seems like bull to give PC users the option to remove it all and console users not. We don't need to have an icon of the weapon we have out when we can see it in our hands ffs!