Raspberry Pi Lands eBay Bidding Up To $2,700 USD

On New Year's Eve, the team behind the uber-small PC Raspberry Pi said that two of a very limited release of ten numbered beta Raspberry Pi units will appear on eBay each day, starting with #10 and #9. Stretching over a period of seven days, the auctions will hopefully generate revenue that will go straight back into the Raspberry Pi Foundation, funding the charity's work.

Now three days later, the team is simply astounded by the "generosity" people are bidding on the beta boards. "Consider our gast well and truly flabbered," the team said on Tuesday. "We are absolutely amazed by the generosity of the people bidding on the beta boards. Every penny from the auction goes straight to our charity, where it will fund the making of more Raspberry Pis to go into schools."

When the boards finally go retail, they'll cost a mere $25 and $35, the latter of which will include an additional Ethernet jack and 256 MB of RAM. But the bidding for the first pre-production board has already reached around $2,700 USD, whereas most of the other boards range from $660 to $1204 USD. "We really weren’t expecting to see this level of interest, and we’re quite humbled by it," the team added.

Eben Upton, executive director of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, claims that the ten pre-production boards will work like the final retail versions. However the only difference is that they have an error on the PCB trace (which has been fixed for the final build), and sport an over-sized SD card connector. The connector works but it sticks out beyond the edge of the PCB, making it slightly more fragile, Upton claims.

To see the Raspberry Pi auctions, head here. Don't let the "UK" address fool you: anyone can bid on these boards.

  • fb39ca4
    wow u could buy a tri-sli gtx 580 system for that much
  • dogman_1234
    Can anyone say "Holy Crap"?
  • Northwestern
    At least they aren't spending 1.6 Million on papers.
  • jryan388
    Would be SO nice to use as a simple linux server to run some functions around my house on.
  • kcorp2003
    why don't we just mod a cell phone to turn into a mini computer?
  • alidan
    you have to remember this can be considered a donation, which if I am correct is tax-deductible. I'm really doubting these are people who are just normal and just couldn't wait to get these for cheap.
  • mman74
    kcorp2003why don't we just mod a cell phone to turn into a mini computer?
    Because that will cost far more than US$35.
  • archange
    I would truly be down with these for a small Linux server / router / whatnot, but I truly wish they would skip embedding the RAM and add an SODIMM slot instead. Or maybe add it as an option?
  • Soul_keeper
    i'd love to see a version with sata connectors eventually :)
  • tlmck
    Technically these could be considered pieces of computer history and therefore could go up in value.