ePad Femme is the Latest Sexist Gadget for Women

The tech industry, for all its advancements over the years, still hasn't quite figured out what women want. In fact, it seems to be convinced that we want pink, cutesy gadgets that are 'easy-to-use' and, most importantly, FUN. Case in point: The ePad Femme, a tablet built especially for women. As usual, it seems there wasn't a single women involved in the development or production.


The ePad Femme is pink (of course), and comes pre-loaded with apps related to cooking and Yoga. It's an Android tablet (Android 4.0), so the world is your oyster as far as apps are concerned. However, the company wants to remove the stress of having to search for and download applications so they've done it for you. There's also a lovely rose-hued pink wallpaper. The device sells for $190 and is the work of Eurostar, a Middle Eastern company.

"We are easing out the hurdles of browsing or downloading applications with Android," Mani Nair, head of marketing for Eurostar, told ABC News. "Preloaded are cooking recipes, a yoga app, Office on the go. They are very user-friendly."

Cooking, yoga, clothing conversion, shopping, and weight-loss tracker apps aside, the tablet packs an 8-inch display, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and the aforementioned Android 4.0. No word on whether it comes in colors other than soothing pink (shocking as it may seem, many women don't actually like pink). Either way, I am glad there is finally a tablet designed just for me. Now I don't have to feel left out when my (female!) cat chills out and watches bird videos on the PlayBook.

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  • falchard
    Very important apps to get that woman in the Kitchen. Should also come with 100 ways to please your man or an app to gauge the cleanliness of the floor.
  • -Fran-
    LOL, really?

    I mean, aside from the obvious backslash of having "usual stereotyped female from the 50's" apps, I think they could be very useful to men as well.

    Anyway, I don't like pink so I'll pass. My inner female doesn't like pink either, lol.

  • anononon
    Someone wears the pants in THEIR relationship
  • vittau
    I hope it has some nice sandwich recipes.
  • belardo
    " As usual, it seems there wasn't a single women" = a single woman, no?
  • Soda-88
    The tech industry, for all its advancements over the years, still hasn't quite figured out what women want.
    Did anyone else?
    Even they don't know what they want...
  • belardo
    This is like a bad tablet for young girls... who don't cook, do yoga, etc.

    Women colors = Gold, Diamonds.
    Additional Apps for = "How to please your man", sex tips (with or without a man), how to pick up a man with money. They got some core ones... cooking. But what about baking? Or a 5-star chef meal?

    Is there an abuse app? A social gossip app?

    So I gather their add-App map is when a woman (the user) is looking for the app, it will respond and download the app their crack team of guy techs thinks she needs or wants.
  • jhansonxi
    It's not just consumer electronics that use a gender-specific color scheme:

    Although it's not as bad as the mindset of some people: http://goo.gl/uZzqy
  • childofthekorn
    Jezebel hardware?
  • Soda-88Did anyone else?Even they don't know what they want...That's because not every woman wants the same things. Just because woman x wants something doesn't mean woman y wants it. Just like how some people like a certain flavour and others don't. Everyone has different tastes. You can't figure it out because it doesn't apply to all of them.