EA Blocks Wang From Entering Origin [UPDATED]

Earlier this month, EA rebranded the EA Store as EA Origin. However, it seems Origin’s registration system has run into an increasingly common problem for online services: It’s blocking some users from using their real names because it believes they’re trying to set up fake accounts.

A Reddit post published by user Spik3balloon this morning indicates that he has not been allowed to associate his last name with his profile because it’s on a list of blocked words.

Despite the fact that ‘Wang’ is a common name in Asia, EA's Origin doesn’t allow it. Granted, the last name field is optional, but this does point to an oversight in an area where EA thought it had covered all its bases.

Likely EA created a word list to filter out offensive usernames and extended the same criteria to the real name fields.

UPDATE June 23:

Spik3balloon has contacted us with the good news that EA has corrected the oversight and all is well now.

"EA have since fixed the problem, and my name (and others) now works correctly," Mr. Wang said. "Quite a quick response, I must say."

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