The T91GO is the Eee PC Tablet

The EeePC T91GO is on display at Asus’ booth at CeBit in Hanover this week, and while the company has a lot of interesting kit to show off, the T91 stands out -- especially after yesterday’s news about Always Innovating’s Touch Book.

The Touch Book is a netbook/nettablet that made us sit up and take notice, mainly because it was ARM-powered, we’ll admit, but a close second is because it looks to be the netbook market’s answer to a low cost tablet.

The T91 (which we saw briefly at CES back in January) presents itself as stiff competition for the Touch Book. While the TB boasts a 10 to 15 hour battery life, it is thanks to the fact that it’s ARM based. The T91 is Atom-based and so, probably has a shorter battery life but will probably cash in on the ubiquity of the Atom processor for its speed and compatibility for running desktop operating systems. It features an 8.9-inch (1024 x 600) touch screen and a 180 degree rotating lid. It measures in at 225 x 164 x 25.2-28.4mm, and according to bit-tech, is less than 1 kg. Word on the street is that the glossy finish attracts finger prints and smudges like there’s no tomorrow. No pricing or availability details as of yet.

So which do you think is a more likely winner? Asus has the advantage of an already great reputation built up by the previous EeePC models but the 10-15 hour battery life claim is something we just can’t get past. Battery life is an issue for everyone with a netbook. Question is, will it be enough to shift the $299 unit off the shelves? Leave your thoughts below.

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  • maaksel
    personally no use for a tablet... however, I can see how this might have a chance in the market. I work in the IT field and Nurses through Teachers might find this beneficial in the workplace or classroom. However, after recently upgrading a local Hospital to Fujitsu tablets... they found out the hard way it's not as cheap as they thought. 'having to have' monitors (32" LCD Vizio TV's) in the rooms so they can show patients.

    It was their part in going green though and having everything electronic - from the patient signing the forms to having all the charts. If this option was available 3 months ago (6 months at the project starT) I think it might have been very tempting for them.
  • chaohsiangchen
    T91.... Good name. I would be happiest man on earth if I could mount it on a T91 assault rifle.
  • jacobdrj
    You mean I could have waited a few months and had an ePC tablet running OneNote for 400 bux cheaper than my HP tx2500z?