Enermax to Bring More Efficient Power Supplies

The 80-Plus power supply standard while good, just isn't good enough, so says Enermax.

While browsing through the Computex floor today, we noticed Enermax boasting about delivering power supplies that exceed the 80-percent efficiency clip. In fact, Enermax told us that some of its power supplies are reaching 93-percent efficiency. Representatives from the company told us that while the 80-Plus certification label is a good step forward, there needs to be one for anything greater than 90-percent.

Currently, there's the bronze, silver, and gold label for 80-Plus, with gold being anywhere between 87-percent and 93-percent. With a true 90-Plus certification, it'll be easier for customers to identify the premium power supplies from the mainstream ones. Enermax said that it plans to take the majority of its power supplies above 90-percent efficiency by Q4 of this year.

We asked Enermax about modular and regular power supplies, with modular being the ones that allow you to remove or attach cables as needed. Indeed what we thought was true--modular power supplies lose efficiency because of the extra break in the connection. Despite this, Enermax demonstrated to us a 90+ modular power supply that was powering a fully loaded system packed with 6 graphics cards.

These highly-efficient power supplies from Enermax fall under the company's Revolution series, which are already purchasable.

Look for other manufacturers to follow suit.

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  • Kill@dor
    I love Enermax PSU's! They really do deliver and i'm glad people can finally see what they can do. Single or multi-rails...they PWN! Awesome job Enermax!
  • scryer_360
    I've used Corsair, Xclio, Antec, Enermax, PC Power and Cooling, and Thermaltake. By far, the two best are Enermax and PC Power and Cooling. I won't use anything else anymore in my own builds.
  • kezix_69
    I too am a big Enermax fan. I'm glad to see them continuing to strive at delivering the best.