'Escape From Tarkov' Will Get A Closed Beta In July

Escape From Tarkov was still in alpha when we showed it off in April as part of our weekly Twitch livestream. At the time, Battlestate Games mentioned that a closed beta was coming this summer, and the studio is keeping its promise with a beta test scheduled for sometime in July.

The advancement to beta brings some new features as well. When we played Escape From Tarkov, three maps were available, and a fourth area, called Shoreline, will soon open up for players. In the game, your “loot” is determined by the weapons, armor, and additional items you pick up from downed enemies, but if you die all of your loot and equipment will be lost. In the closed beta, the developers are adding an insurance system. By paying an unspecified amount of in-game currency, you can insure the weapons and equipment you take onto the battlefield. However, the added insurance doesn’t seem to be a guarantee that lost items will return to you. The press release for the announcement only said that adding insurance increases the chance of retaining your items.

Escape From Tarkov will also feature a new Merchant who will let you buy, sell, or trade loot, medicine, and other useful items. The Merchant won't carry every single item, however, so if you want to get some of the rare weapons and equipment, you’ll have to venture out into one of the four levels and get them from enemies. Speaking of weapons: A new MP5 submachine gun will be available in the closed beta along with new ammunition types and customization parts for existing weapons in the game’s arsenal.

In the past, the only way you could communicate with friends or with other players in Escape From Tarkov was through voice chat. The developers will add chat channels within the game for the closed beta to let you message with other players while you’re out in the battlefield.

Despite the fact that an official release date isn’t available yet, the move to a closed beta is a significant step in the development cycle. The addition of new features allows the developers to see how they work within the game and then make changes or balances if necessary. With enough data, the studio will then move on to the open beta version of Escape From Tarkov. However, the duration of the closed beta is uncertain.

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