Eve V Successor Teaser Shows Two Thunderbolt 4, Two Type-C Ports, Powered by Intel Tiger Lake UP4

(Image credit: Eve)

A sequel to the crowd-sourced Eve V 2-in-1 is making progress. Today, Eve published an announcement of a next-gen Eve V and began taking feedback. In addition, Eve provided Tom's Hardware with an exclusive teaser image of a potential design, which we have published above.

The picture, which is largely dark, definitively shows four ports. Eve CEO Konstantinos Karatsevidis said two of those are Thunderbolt 4 ports, while the others are regular USB Type-C.

Those Thunderbolt 4 ports are powered by an Intel 11th Generation 15W CPU, Tiger Lake UP4. Additionally, Karatsevidis said the device will have Wi-Fi 6.

In the introduction to the project, Eve refers to the device as a "a tablet-first 2-in-1 tablet and laptop computer with a kickstand and a folio keyboard. It uses an x86 processor and has a good selection of ports." There are some design choices that haven't yet been made yet, like choosing between an aluminum or magnesium alloy chassis.

This design, however, is just one of a few potential concepts that the next-gen Eve V designers will choose from, so it's unclear how much this will represent the final product. Additionally, the 2-in-1 doesn't have a final name (at the moment, Eve is referring to it as Version 2.0.

The launch of the original Eve V was rocky, with complaints about reliability, shipping and payment. Eve has since stopped dealing with the distributor for the original 2-in-1 and says that it has "carefully collected all feedback about the device’s features" going into the next generation.

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  • phaiba
    This company is not to be trusted. Please see https://www.reddit.com/r/evev/ for complaints. The CEO's and other people are con men and will take your money. Buyer beware. The are supposed to have entered into agreements with other suppliers, but do not trust them. People have been conned. Remember the adage, if its too true good to be true, its probably a con job.
    I am surprised this website does not whet the company before singing their praises.
  • Filippo_P
    Actually, as a (mostly) happy buyer of an Eve V, I'll have to go against you and say your accusations are false.
    While I do agree that one must be careful when buying online and committing money, I can definitely say that the company is legit.

    The article is accurate: they had problems that affected both quality and delivery... which of course made some people very upset. Still, they delivered and the tablet is actually surprisingly good.
  • phaiba
    Yes, I understand you are happy, but there are more disgruntled people out there waiting for their refunds or delivery of their Eve V. The CEO's and their support are one of the worst, with no response or any response on what they plan to do. Ask the people who are waiting!!. You are one of the few. Moreover their support department does not respond with any kind of help. People are out there trying to sue the CEDO and this company. This does not happen when you go with big names. We can agree to disagree.
  • le_dazzler
    Filippo_P said:
    The article is accurate: they had problems that affected both quality and delivery... which of course made some people very upset. Still, they delivered and the tablet is actually surprisingly good.

    For a lot of people the part in bold is just not true. Plenty of folks who ordered in 2017 who have still not received their device. I did receive my device, a mere 2 years after paying for it - it lasted less than a month before the kickstand went, and less than 3 months before the fingerprint reader broke. The build quality and customer service were dreadful in my experience, the laptop when it arrived was mediocre. I wish anyone choosing to buy from this company the best of luck - they will certainly need it
  • cobba83
    I can totally confirm phaiba's statemant about eve.
    They are literally cheating their customers. I'm waiting now for a long time for a device and do not even get any responses from the so called 'support'.
    In my opinion they should be investigated by the authorities or someone who is a honest and great laywer should help the poor cheated customers to file effective lawsuits against them.
  • cyrusfox
    That is too bad, these start ups are always a risky proposition, I give them massive props on actually delivering a product (To some looks like 2-4 day delivery on new orders). Compare to others like saygus who has now shown 2 different prototypes, took a lot of money and delivered no product. Kind of like Elio motors...
    I always love these independent designs, but barrier to entry of the market is high, everywhere except software.

    I would love Eve V 2.0 with tiger lake and all that thunderbolt! But by the time it comes to actual market where I can buy it without risk, will it still have the appeal? I am rooting for them, but not with my wallet.