Prepare For Next Week's 'Final Fantasy XV' Launch With The '101 Trailer'

Next week, Square Enix will release the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy XV. As part of the effort to get you even more excited for launch day, the company released a new trailer that shows off some of the story and the features for the game.

The “101 Trailer” features include information on the backstory, characters and the world in Final Fantasy XV. There’s also some additional gameplay footage in the video, particularly when it comes to the topics of combat, magic and side quests. You can also see more of the game’s Summon beings, or Astrals, as well as some of the extra activities that you can do, such as playing a pinball game called Justice Monsters Five, cooking meals for the group or giving each character new outfits. There’s also an extended version of the trailer that features even more content.

Even though the game doesn’t come out until next week, there are already some issues with early copies of the game. A recent tweet from the Final Fantasy account showed a statement from game director Hajime Tabata that said that there was an “unauthorized distribution” of the game in some regions. To make matters worse, some of the game footage is already online. Tabata asked those with an early copy not to post videos in order to keep the experience spoiler-free for those waiting until release day.

The November 29 release date is the end of a long development road for Square Enix. It was only eight months ago that the Tabata and the studio announced that the game was coming on September 30. However, Tabata announced in August that it delayed the game to late November to add a massive day-one patch that would meet the standards of the development team. Barring any other issue, the game is should (finally) be on time for release next Tuesday.

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