Firefox 3.5 is World's Most Popular Browser

Do you use Firefox 3.5? You and along with most of the web, it seems.

According to statistics provided by TheNextWeb and StatCounter Global Statistics, the world's most popular browser is Firefox 3.5.

Of course, Firefox's lead is only when counting each discrete browser version as a separate entity. With all versions of Internet Explorer moved under the same category, Microsoft is still the leader.

For Mozilla supporters, however, this is still a great milestone.

Altered image source: Download Squad.

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  • tserich
    I've tried Chrome but I still like Firefox more
  • jisamaniac
    Good job Marcus! No spelling errors.
  • werfu
    Just wait they bring Firefox 3.7 with Aero glass interface. Its gonna be a kill!
  • Other Comments
  • tserich
    I've tried Chrome but I still like Firefox more
  • masterasia
    I like Chrome. It's still new, but has a lot of potential. It loads why faster than IE or Firefox. Although, occasionally, I run into websites that are not compatible with it.

    As of right now I'm using Chrome the most, then Firefox. I only use IE to download updates.
  • Upendra09
    wow ie6+ beats+ chrome.....sad