Thin, Flexy OLED Lighting Sheets Coming 2011

We’ve been hearing about OLED technology off and on for years now, but now we have word that flexible OLED lighting could be entering into production late next year.

According to, Korean-based Modistech has demonstrated a flexible ultra-thin OLED light, which can be used as a white backlight source. The OLED light would be flexible to fit into form factors and designs that current LCDs do not permit.

Sadly, much of this technology, while possible today, is still a ways away. Mass production won’t begin until late 2010, with products based on it not hitting the market until 2011. It’ll also be expensive too, at a approximately $213 per square meter of the material.

While not the same thing, Sony showed off its own flexible OLED at CES early this year. Rather than being just a flexible, bendable light source, Sony’s prototype was a display capable of displaying full motion, albeit low-resolution, video.

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  • falchard
    Square meter? Thats actually fairly large.
  • Tekkamanraiden
    That's what I( was thinking and really not that bad of a price.
  • pharge
    It is not that bad... but that is just the cost of the film... the final product may end up very expensive. and... hmm...... wait! ... that is only an OLED-"light" not a "screen"... so having that price for a flexiable light source... hmm...
    By the way... it will be cool to have that OLED-light embedded into my tent... no more holding the fleshlight while reading in my camping tent ...:D