Freescale intros dual-core Flexray controllers

Freescale today announced a series of 32-bit, dual-core microcontrollers for use in automotive applications. The company said that the new devices are targeted at enhancing the performance, power efficiency and flexibility of automotive body electronics.

As one of its key features, the MPC5510 supports a Flexray-based controller area network as well as local interconnect network protocols. Developed in a consortium that includes BMW, Bosch, DaimlerChrysler, Freescale, General Motors, Philips and Volkswagen, Flexray is a protocol that delivers about 10 Mb/s bandwidth for communication between active and passive safety systems, collision avoidance systems, powertrain management systems and driver assistance systems. Flexray is about 20 times faster than comparable and current in-car communication systems, according to Freescale.

The first production vehicle to use Flexray will be the 2007 BMW X5 series, which will be available for $45,900 (6-cylinder) and $54,500 (8-cylinder) next month.