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Movidius, FLIR Hope For AR Innovation With Boson Thermal Camera Core

FLIR Systems, a company specializing in thermal imaging sensors, announced the Boson thermal imaging core by way of a collaboration with Movidius. This collaboration involves integrating Movidius’ Myriad 2 Vision Processing Unit within the Boson unit. Integrating the Myriad 2 grants the Boson advanced image processing and low power dissipation.

The Myriad 2 contains 12 vision cores that handle super resolution, noise filtering and blending algorithms on top of its advanced image processing. The Myriad 2 is also capable of deep learning, spatial computation and depth extraction.

Movidius' and FLIR's collaboration has produced what should be a versatile and miniscule thermal imaging camera core, but what sort of innovations will this result in? The Boson’s feature set is designed to allow vendors and garage tinkerers alike to create gadgets for home security, drones, law enforcement--the list goes on.

One burgeoning industry Movidius and FLIR expect the Boson to be adopted in is augmented reality. We had the opportunity to speak with Remi El-Ouazzane, the CEO of Movidius, who suggested that the Boson’s capacity to provide users information on the entire visual spectrum will have many practical uses in augmented reality. For example, the Boson’s thermal imaging would be particularly useful for building inspection or fire departments.

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