A Folding Farm PC Made of Lego

Having a modular, custom built case would be a dream for any DIY-er, which is probably why Mike Schropp decided to build his own server-class case out of Lego. Yes, that’s right, the learning toy from your childhood is used as parts of a case for a folding farm.

Schropp wanted to fit a triple CPU and motherboard system into one case, which slimmed his pickings considerably.

"I had an idea in my head what I wanted the case to look like, but after researching I couldn’t find something to fit my vision," Schropp explained. "With every project I do I always invariably arrive at the same point, 'Can I use Legos?' VOILA! YES! Lego! Lego and computers definitely sounded like a good combination. In reality the structure of a case built from Legos was going to require a fair bit of thought. I needed to get my case laid out correctly and able to support the weight of all the components without Legos buckling or falling apart."

He then set out with the following parts:

3X Sandy Bridge 2600k CPUs
3x Thermaltake Frio Cpu Coolers
3X Asus P8P67 Micro atx motherboards
1x Antec 1200 HCP Power Supply
2x Corsair SSD (System 1/Workstation)
1x Mushkin SSD (System 2/Touchscreen)
1x WD HD (System 3/Folding Only)
3X DDR3 for each system
8x Aerocool 140mm Case Fans
1x Metric Crapload of Lego Bricks (Technically it was about 2,000pcs)

Read all about his full build here.

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  • sundragon
    LOL, this was news 2 days ago... Tom's please get with it...
  • bennaye
    Will lego work for a standard desktop set-up as well, or will the heat kill it?
  • stingstang
    I doubt the heat would melt legos. I'm a former lego master myself, and this was a terriffic idea. In fact...I'm willing to bet that with a little ingenuity, a desktop case maker could make a winning design which lets the user create the shape of his or her case to fit what's inside, sorta like legos. In the meantime, I may actually try to do something like this.