Freeze Time Using 15 Raspberry Pis to Create a Bullet-Time Effect

Eric Paré
(Image credit: Eric Paré)

Have you ever wanted to live in the Matrix? No? Well, surely you've wanted to freeze time like those cool shots with Neo and Agent Smith, right? That effect is known as the bullet-time effect and this maker shows you how to do it using the Raspberry Pi!

This project comes to us from creator and photographer Eric Paré through the Xangle channel on YouTube. Using 15 Raspberry Pi cameras, Paré was able to create an impressive bullet-time effect.

The setup required 15 Official Raspberry Pi cameras and Paré used one Raspberry Pi 3 B+ module for each camera. The Pis were mounted to an extruded aluminum bar using 3D-printed adapters and a laser-cut acrylic plate.

Because timing is critical with this project, Paré hard-wired each Pi to a Switch using Ethernet cables instead of using Wi-Fi. He was able to control and time the capture process using a laptop with a Bluetooth PowerPoint presenter as the trigger switch. Each Pi takes a photo at the same time, creating the frozen-like effect.

Read more about the project in detail on Paré's official blog XangleCS. Be sure to follow him on YouTube for demos of this awesome rig and more cool photography projects.

Ash Hill
Freelance News and Features Writer

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