Intel to Settle With FTC (Upd: But Not This Week!)

Intel and Nvidia are currently locking horns over what's fair business. Nvidia claims that Intel priced its Atom processors as prohibitively expensive when purchased not in conjunction with an Intel chipset. This deterred computer makers from pairing the Atom with Nvidia's Ion chipset, which granted the CPU access to a GeForce 9400M.

According to Reuters, that sort of business behavior on Intel's part could be coming to an end, as the chipmaker is to settle with the U.S. FTC. The deal would spare Intel from paying Nvidia the same sort of monetary reparations it has to pay AMD, but would still restrict it from certain marketing tactics.

Someone close to the deal said that this could curb Intel's use of volume discounts when selling Intel CPUs together with its in-house graphics chips.

The FTC declined to comment on the story, and Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy offered only, "Discussions are ongoing, and we have nothing more to add at this point."

A decision, if it happens as reported, will happen on Friday.

UPDATE: The latest word from the Wall Street Journal is that we won't be hearing about any resolution this week, as the two sides haven't come to an agreement yet. The FTC has extended the discussions by two weeks, until August 6.

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  • joytech22
    which granted the CPU access to a the

    I lol'd

    And Intel are becoming more and more like that greedy blue/white fruit, they want more and more AND more profit.
    Although that's what businesses do.. if, for example, it cost's intel $200 to make a i7 980X extreme, i wouldn't charge any where near $1000 for it, probably $400, i mean double the profit of initial costs is pretty sweet.
  • Ezence
    "The deal would spare Intel from the monetary penalties which it was ordered to pay AMD"

    Did i miss something? I know they (intel and AMD) that involved paying money to AMD but i didn't know they where forced to pay AMD anything by a court.
  • rohitbaran
    Well, that is going to be one filthy fight.