Fujitsu Submerges Its Waterproof Smartphones & Devices

Fujitsu couldn't help but catch my eye this year. While everyone was talking up performance, the Japanese firm had a long string of smartphones and tablets operating while they were submerged under water. To be clear, these are not dummy devices. They are fully functioning and are purposely designed to be waterproof/dustproof. 

It's too bad that other manufacturers don't do offer the same level of engineering on their products. (My last Android phone fell victim to a recent thunderstorm while I was out running errands.) If every smartphone was waterproof, there probably would be far fewer durability complaints. That doesn't even begin to cover the fact that most manufacturers refuse to repair spill/water damage. Many premium laptop brands include liquid submersion indicators (LSI) so that technicians can rule a short-circuit by way of liquids as the original cause.

  • maga
    smart phone from "Fujitsu" ??!!
  • drwho1
    Now lets try to do the same with Hard Drives.
    We don't want another "watery situation" again.

    Let's make Hard Drives water proof.

    I got to run now to Patent this "water proof Hard Drive" idea before an avid Apple reader sees it.
  • water proof hard drives = no stock loss when flood hits! genius!!
  • A Bad Day
    "Sir, my waterproof phone got short-circuited with water when I took it to my bathtub."

    "We're sorry, but our warranty covers everything BUT water damage."


    Some manufacturers pull that kind of B.S. on their products.
  • can i make my whole pc desktop waterproof? what about geforce gtx etc etc etc the list goes on.
  • rsktek
    Delicious coffee must have been... delicious :D
  • michaelssw
    Scuba Steve can finally Tweet now
  • fuzzion
    Sweet, so now when I jizz on my tablet, I can just chuck it into my Fujitsu washing machine. :P
  • freggo
    I want a waterproof toaster so I do not have to worry when I heat up my morning bagel in the tub ! :-)

  • tanjo
    So... no ports? I wonder about the sound quality...