G.Skill’s 4400MHz 32GB DDR4 Kit Claims Speed Crown

Not to be outdone by Corsair, which earlier set the record for the fastest 32GB DDR4 kit, G.Skill announced that it has claimed the record with its new kit.

The new, record-setting kit consists of 4 x 8GB DIMMs running at a speed of 4400MHz with  CL19-19-19-39 timings and 1.5V. Those settings were programmed into XMP, and the kit was recorded running with it on an Intel i7-8700K and Asus Maximus X Hero combination. Just like Corsair, G.Skill built its kit from specially selected, ultra-binned Samsung B-die memory chips.

Both G.Skill’s and Corsair’s announcements are fun and exciting for hardware geeks, but of course, producing kits that can run at these speeds across a broad range of hardware isn’t viable, which is why both companies have mentioned a specific hardware combination in their respective press releases.

We don’t expect either of these kits to make it to the market or be sold in any real capacity. Rather, they’re just a way for their creators to show their commitment to professional overclocking while one-upping each other along the way.