This Tiny Gaming Room Case Mod is For a Good Cause

The gaming room case mod
(Image credit: Suchao Prowphong)

To paraphrase Xzibit, "we heard you like rigs, so we put a rig in your rig". And what a rig this is. Created by Suchao Modding & Design of Thailand, and brought to our attention by PC Gamer, who have clearly been spending too much time of Reddit and Facebook, this delicious diorama is a PC, its parts cleverly hidden in the walls and furniture. There’s also an Intel NUC masquerading as a coffee table, and a wall-mounted Nintendo Switch.

had_to_share_this_credit_suchao_prowphong from r/pcmasterrace

The desk is a GeForce RTX 3060 Ti - an Asus ROG Strix Gaming - while above it hangs an ITX motherboard (Asus ROG Strix B560) with a Core 17 11700K, 16GB of RGB Thermaltake RAM running at 4400 MHz, and a 1TB Intel M.2 SSD. 

The CPU water block is connected via custom tubing to a Pacific CLD 360 Radiator with a triple-fan setup, the aquarium acts as coolant reservoir, and all the tiny screens on the desk work too, though there’s a video out in one of the external walls too. The Intel NUC houses a Celeron J3455 and pulls just ten Watts, while the main PC is powered by a 650W Thermaltake PSU, though we’re not exactly sure where he’s put it - possibly in the air conditioner. The arcade machine shows different screens in different photos, so appears to be at least semi-functional too, though the tiny MacBook on top of the NUC probably isn’t. There are even tiny Harry Potter books stacked on a shelf.

The 3D-printed rigged rig is a prize in an Intel Gamer Days 2021 event that supports Technovation, “a global tech education non-profit that empowers underrepresented groups to be leaders and creative problem-solvers through technology and engineering education”.

If you just want to admire the work, there’s a comprehensive photo gallery on Facebook, where modder Suchao Prowphong also shows off his other creations, including this Gatling gun case mod.

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  • velocityg4
    That's some amazingly detailed work. True craftsmanship.
  • Howardohyea
    I love this, useless, but really interesting and entertaining to look at. Also interesting to note it's an all Intel rig (except GPU), but after ARC gets released you can do Intel CPU, SSD, and GPU