'Glorious' Modular TKL Mechanical Keyboard Up For Pre-order

The totally not at all overly grandiosely named “Glorious PC Gaming Race GMMK TKL RGB” mechanical keyboard is now up for pre-order.

The big selling point of the GMMK TKL is that it supports hot-swapping switches of varying brands. We’ve seen the hot-swap trick before, notably on the Wooting One and Epic Gear Defiant keyboards, but Glorious is hammering home the point that you aren’t limited to a single switch brand. The GMMK TKL supports Cherry, Kailh, Gateron, and Zealio switches.

All that’s required is the three-pin switch construction so they’ll fit into the holes on the PCB. You can lop off the little legs on any switch to convert them to plate-mounted, though.

One could be forgiven for feeling like this hot swap thing is a gimmick, but Glorious PC is leaning into its claim that this is the “last keyboard you will ever need to buy.” First, there’s the impressive list of supported switch brands, but because they’re all Cherry-stem compatible, you of course also get the benefit of loading one of these keyboards up with your favorite custom keycap sets, too. It’s also RGB-backlit.

The kicker, though, is that there’s no branding anywhere on this keyboard. That means you aren’t stuck with an endlessly customizable plank that’s stamped with a company logo, which was a wise move on the part of Glorious PC.

(Despite all of the above, it’s unlikely that this is the last keyboard any mech enthusiast will buy, because “endgame” is a myth.)  

The chassis has a sandblasted, black aluminum top plate; we aren’t sure what the rest of the chassis is made of.

The lights offers 18 preinstalled effects, and you can add one user-generated effect, too. Within those effects, you can change up the speed and brightness. The requisite keycap and switch pullers are included.

You can get a basic kit with no switches or caps for $60; another $20 gets you white or black keycaps (which are ABS doubleshot). Glorious PC sells (a variety of) Gateron switches, so you can add a 120-pack of those to your order for another $30-35. If you configure your order with the above, your total cost, then, will be $110-115.

Otherwise, you can order loose switches elsewhere and load them onto your GMMK TKL RGB later, or you can order a fully assembled model with Gateron Brown switches and black keycaps for $110.

The preorder window is now open, with shipping expected “around” October 23.

If you prefer a full-size keyboard, Glorious PC offers all of the above in that form factor--for the same prices.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Glorious PC Gaming Race GMMK TKL RGB
TypeTenkeyless, 87-key
Onboard StorageYes
Lighting-RGB-18 presets, 1 user-defined effect, with brightness and speed controls
Key RolloverNKRO
InterfaceUSB 2.0 to microUSB
Cable6 ft, braided, removable
Additional PortsNone
Key CapsABS Doubleshot (optional)
Dimensions335 x 129 x 35.9mm
ConstructionAluminum top plate
Misc.-Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 or Mac OS or Linux (Hotkey functions only work on Windows)-Accessories: Keycap puller, switch pulled, sticker, manual, angled microUSB connector
Price$60 (basic kit, no caps or switches)+$20 for keycaps+$30-35 for Gateron switches+??? For other keycaps and/or switches
  • spagafus
    Is the name of this keyboard really Gimmick Tickle?
  • scolaner
    20209729 said:
    Is the name of this keyboard really Gimmick Tickle?

    ...that's how I'll always think of it from now on, anyway. Fine wordplay there, mate.