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Google Chrome Now Has 200 Million Users

According to the company, there are now 200 million active Chrome users. Back in May of this year, the number was at 160 million. In December 2010, the company said it had about 120 million users.

Market share data from StatCounter estimates Chrome's share at about 23.6% for September. Firefox was at 26.8% and IE at 41.7%. In October, it appears that Firefox will hold its market share stable, while Chrome will be climbing to close to 25% and IE may be dropping below 40%.

There is also indication that Chrome will soon be released for Android as early as next week as part of the Ice Cream Sandwich release. Google has not released usage numbers for Chrome OS, which could also be lifting Chrome numbers. However, Google CEO told investors during yesterday's Q2 earnings call that the company is "beginning to see lots of interest and good uptake, both from the businesses and educational institutions."