Google: Chrome OS 'Business Edition' for 2011

We all know that Google's got big plans, and one of them could be invading the business OS space. While there's no question that business computing is Microsoft's domain, Google intends to attack on the netbook front rather than take on Windows XP or Windows 7 Professional.

Although Microsoft levers Windows' compatibility, Google hopes to entice businesses with Chrome OS's security features. Will Drewry, a Google software security engineer, said that all of Chrome OS products will ship with the Trusted Platform Module as well as a "trusted bootpath," according to Network World.

Drewry says that Chrome OS is a "hardened" operating system with auto-updating and sandbox features that are designed to protect the OS from being infiltrated by malware.

While Chrome OS is still slated to be a consumer product first when it ships later this year, it should surprise few if the Internet giant isn't eye big business.

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  • Anonymous
    Cloud computing sounds like a great idea. It's always bothered me that I can use my computer when the internet is down. It's about time that feature was removed.
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  • Anonymous
    first comment :D
    I hope this lives up to my expectations.
  • Anonymous
    Secure hey, really, are you sure about that, Is chrome OS not a cloud based OS based around google docs ect, all info server stored, Oh wait what was that article about Chinese hackers!!!!

    I smell a poo!!!!!
  • joex444
    Why wouldn't Google try to convince business users that they can use netbooks? What most business people actually do on computers is trivial at best.

    In my field, computers mostly run simulations or control some kind of device with either a laser or X-Ray device connected at some point. These are clearly not netbook friendly.