Chrome 19 Released, Will Sync Your Browser Tabs

The software now integrates tab sync, which syncs open taps and your browsing history in real time.

As long as you are using Chrome for Android Beta on your phone or tablet, you can seamlessly pick up web browsing where you left off on your desktop. Even the back and forward buttons will work from machine to machine. Tab sync requires users, like other Sync features (such as bookmarks, apps, extensions, history, and themes), to be signed in to a Google account.

Google, however, said that not all Chrome users will be seeing the tab sync immediately. Instead, Google will pushing out tab sync "gradually over the coming weeks."

Download the latest version of Google Chrome here.

  • elcentral
    hahaha the Chrome Multitask Mode i got sent to after the video is pure gold. o well time to golf and play bf3.
  • rohitbaran
    Chrome 19? Wow, they change version numbers like underpants lol.
  • captaincharisma
    i am using the dev version which is on version 20. it seems to have a feature which will let you see what websites you were viewing on all your devices.
  • iceman1992
    which syncs open taps
  • 24oz
    Don't like this update I want it the way it my homepage I had set to open when I use chrome won't open unless I log in.
  • alidan
    well what about people like me who have over 100 chrome tabs oppen...
  • ben850
    "Hmm.. Chrome 19 is out??"

    ::Checks Chrome version on my PC::

    "19.0.1084.46 m"

    That's not right :I
  • zander1983
    This happened to me, synced my tabs at work with the ones at home. it is a stupid feature and they should have asked before doing it, like a simple popup "do you want to screw up your tabs? Yes or No"

    And you can't disable the sync either, must have at least one this synced :\
  • Inferno1217
    alidanwell what about people like me who have over 100 chrome tabs oppen...What the hell do you need 100 tabs open for? You sound disorganized or maybe you spend too much time on the net. Even if it is job related it sounds ridiculous. Probably just porn websites.
  • cookoy
    i have to sign on to a google account everytime to avail of this feature. No thanks.