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Chrome 15 Released, Packs $27,000 Worth of Patches

The new release also features a record sum of rewards paid to security researchers - more than $27,000 for a total of 27 published security issues. The Chromium revision log suggests that Google 15 has more than 5000 revisions over Chrome 14. Chrome has changes on the surface as well, as it now features the revised new tab page that has much more focus on applications and horizontally sliding pages. Future Chrome versions will get Most visited, Apps, and also a Bookmarks page, which is already live in developer versions of the browser.

Also noteworthy is that apps and extensions are now presented in a tab page that can be accessed via the browser settings page.

The developer channel of Chrome has just been branched to version 16 and indicates that the next version of the browser will have at least 5500 changes over version 15. Version 17 is in the nightly channel.

Grab the download for Chrome 15 here.