Google Page Creator automatically builds mobile sites

Google has expanded the feature set of its free WYSIWIG HTML editor. The Page Creator now can handle up to five different pages on up to five different URLs. The tool now also comes with a basic image editor as well as a feature that automatically generates a mobile version of each site.

According to Google, a mobile version of each page is created without any additional effort by the user and is shown by default when the URL is visited with a cellphone or PDA browser. The page can be optimized for different cellphone models, Google said.

The perhaps most significant change in additional functionality for the creative user is an online image editor that has joined the tool bar of the Page Creator. It does not rival the functionality of Photoshop, but the feature set is good enough for occasionally publishing images and editing their basic characteristics. The image editor enables users to crop pictures, rotate and sharpen them, change brightness, create mash-ups, increase contrast and decrease saturation.