Google Pumps Up Auto Awesome, Adds Video Support

Next to Facebook and Twitter, very few people use Google+. Nevertheless, it isn't without its advantages. Many Internet content producers use the social network to maximize their search engine returns, and increasingly it seems that photographers have taken to the platform.

Google also introduced video support for its features previously introduced that were just for photos.

Large uploads in super-high resolutions are generally a fair bit easier on G+ than any of its real competitors, and when combined with the excellent search features Google naturally brings to the table, that turns into a good place for amateur and professional photographers alike. Recognizing the potential, Google seems to have shifted their focus and have a nice batch of new features for shutterbugs.

In a private press conference, Google announced that they would be beefing up its picture editing, upload and management features. Some of the additions include better search, HDR filters, and a quick, light-weight video editor. Vic Fundotra, Senior VP of engineering,-- said that G+ has topped 300 million users and are seeing over 1.5 billion photo uploads each week. "We are not building a service for lightweight sharing… [We] are revolutionizing the field of photography."

Earlier this year at Google I/O, the company introduced "auto awesome," which would automatically enhance your photos.

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