G.Skill's New DDR4 Preps For X299 With Tighter Timings And Higher Capacities

G.Skill announced new high-speed DDR4 memory with tighter timings specifically designed for Intel's X-series processors and X299 chipset motherboards.

Just a few weeks ago, G.Skill showcased a slew of new memory modules at Computex 2017. At the time, the company had everything from a 32GB DDR4-3466 SO-DIMM memory kit all the way up to its Trident Z DDR4-4800 dual-channel desktop memory kit on display in Taipei. Memory timings and module capacities were impressive, so what could the company possibly have up its sleeve now? How about even tighter timing and higher capacities?

G.Skill’s DDR4-3600 8GB x 4 and 8GB x 8 kits remain unchanged at CL 16-16-16-36, but the company is now offering higher capacity 16GB x 4 and 16GB x 8 kits at CL 17-19-19-39 as well. G.Skill also outed new DDR4-3733 memory kits in  8GB x 4 and 8GB x 8 sizes at CL 17-17-17-37 and new 16GB x 4 and 16GB x 8 kits at CL 18-19-19-39. DDR4-3800 kits of the same sizes feature CL 18-18-18-38 and CL 19-19-19-39 timings, respectively.

The DDR4-4000 kit announced here seems to have higher timing and lower capacity than the kit we saw on display at Computex. This memory kit comes in 8GB x 4 and 8GB x 8 at 18-19-19-39 versus the 16GB x 2 at CL 17-18-18-38 DDR4-4000 on display in Taipei.

Finally, we have G.Skill’s DDR4-4200 running at CL 19-19-19-39 offered in 8GB x 8 kits only.  This compared to the DDR4-4200 8GB x 8 kits running at CL 19-21-21-41 at Computex.

With the exception of the 64GB DDR4-4200 kits, all DDR4 memory kits listed here will be available under the Trident Z RGB series and an all-new Trident Z Black series. It should also be noted that everything in the Trident Z and Trident Z RGB series operate at 1.35V except the new DDR4-4200 kit, which runs at 1.4V.  

Information on pricing and availability were not available at press time.

  • Integr8d
    I like how G.Skill's product matrix lists "Intel Core X-Series Processors & (Unnamed) X299 Platforms"...

    In other news, hopefully, Toms will report on the latest 1080p boost that Ryzen got in ROTR and Z-Brush.