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Q2 HDD, SSD and ODD Shipments Climb Slightly

"In an ironic twist, the earthquake disaster in Japan had the effect of stimulating the storage market, as manufacturers accelerated orders and increased inventory to ensure adequate supply," said Fang Zhang, analyst for storage systems at IHS. "The effect was felt most in the HDD space, the largest storage segment, resulting in higher HDD shipments."

HDD shipments during the second quarter came in at to 167.1 million units, up 4.2% from 160.4 million in Q1. ODDs climbed 4.4% to 78.3 million units, while SSDs jumped by 21.4% to 3.4 million units.

IHS noted that HDD manufacturers, especially WD and Seagate, are dealing with painful margin declines that are caused by increased competition that contributed to price erosion as well as increasing costs from R&D targeted at next-generation hard drive technologies.

In the ODD market, IHS said that some manufacturers have begun abandoning DVD-ROM and Blu-ray devices due to an "ongoing transition" from local disc-storage to streaming media. SSDs are expected to become more popular and "pick up more steam with the recent debut of consumer NAND caching technology from Intel," IHS said.

  • Specter0420
    Sweet, hopefully we can get a good 200 Gb'ish ssd for $100-$150 soon!
  • bennaye
    acer74Misleading... a true portable player would have its OWN Screen, just like ANY Portable DVD does.Thanks,
    A true portable player is a person that picks up chicks for you and is also simultaneously convenient to carry. The only thing I can think up of are toys of the special kind. Do these toys need screen? No. So no, no screens for you. And portable DVD's don't have screens. I wish they did, though. But no; instead they are merely a disc of polycarbonate, reflective metal and laquer.

    Specter0420Sweet, hopefully we can get a good 200 Gb'ish ssd for $100-$150 soon!Yeah I'll be happy the day I see a 1 TB SSD for $500...not until then.