Sci-Fi Horror Game 'Soma' Launches Today On Steam, GOG, PS4

Frictional Games, the development team known for its horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent is back with another dose of terror. Introduced almost two years ago, Soma is finally out on PC, Mac, Linux, and PlayStation 4.

Unlike Frictional Game's past titles, Soma takes place in the future with the main character Simon exploring an unknown building riddled with dead bodies, robots, and a growing threat lurking in the shadows. The game seems to deal with the issues of man and machine co-existing in the same habitat and features various experiments of uploading human consciousness into robotic beings. Add a drop of horror, and the futuristic journey can turn into a classic nightmare.

The first bit of news regarding the game first came out in October 2013, one month after the release of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs as two short, live-action videos featuring two scientists experimenting with robots. Since then, fans were treated to various vignettes of live-action, gameplay footage, or even some behind-the-scenes content leading all the way to the game's release date.

Considering the way past titles from Frictional Games spawned sequels and additional content, it's a safe bet that Soma might already have a next installment in the works, but for now, horror fans can quench their thirst for fear in the company's take on sci-fi horror.

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  • Larry Litmanen
    From the makers of Amnesia. I have to say i played both Amnesia I and II and just based on that i will look at Soma.

    Those were great games.
  • quilciri
    Amnesia TDD is the most expensive game I've ever bought, counting the two bottles of Glenlivet it took for me to make it through the game. I bought, but still haven't played machine for pigs.

    I think my subconscious made me move to a townhouse literally across the street from a Binny's (a huge Booze-backwards-R-Us in the chicagoland area) in anticipation of Soma.

    ouch, my liver.
  • Dave K
    Looks like Doom 3 and Bioshock had a love child... and given how awesome Amnesia was I'm guessing this will be a must have title, in fact I'm thinking it's going to be downloading before I eat dinner tonight.
  • bwohl
    Perfect! Just returned my 10-day rental of Until Dawn last night - more horror tonight!!
  • abbadon_34
    Dead Space 4 ?
  • Dave K
    Big game... didn't get downloaded before I went to bed. Price (Steam) was great too.
  • jaber2
    It's HL all over again, in the immortal words of Yogi Berra "It's Deja vu all over again" 1925-2015