HP Sold Faulty Laptops, Claims China

Recently we reported on a YouTube video showing a Chinese HP consumer smashing his faulty laptop at a local HP store. The destructive behavior stemmed from a long string of motherboard problems that extended past the warranty. Rather than shell out money to fix the faulty laptop, he chose to give it back to HP in pieces.

At the time, China's General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine said that it was looking into the situation as well as many other complaints filed against HP. The government watchdog has now determined that HP was indeed selling faulty laptops, naming "faulty video cards" as the source of overheating and eventual hardware crash.

According to Reuters, the affected laptops include HP Pavilion DV2000 and Compaq Presario c3000 models. The findings also listed six models--including the HP 541--that had problems with screens going black. The Chinese watchdog added that HP failed to follow rules to protect customers with "three guarantees" of a refund, replacement or repair.

"HP acknowledges the findings of the AQSIQ," HP said in a statement. "We are working on a detailed action plan to ensure all points are addressed and will publicly outline this plan soon."

China's AQSIQ said that it submitted the findings to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. All three parties are now monitoring HP's activities "to ensure that it complies with China's consumer protection code."

Maybe Mr. Laptop Smasher will finally get a new, well-deserved laptop out of the whole ordeal.

  • daworstplaya
    Ironic, considering the laptops are made in China.
  • Marco925
    I hope he does get a New Laptop
  • zoemayne
    DV6000 also here in the US all the DV models with the NVIDIA chipset. Theres a class action suit about this its well know. Don't buy HP instead of fixing a problem they will patch it up till the warranty expires and continue selling computers with known defects.
  • dextermat
    Bad publicity for HP

    Here's other brand in the same basket :

    Gateway, Dell, Acer, Toshiba,

    Their all expensive craptop:

    And yeah their all made in China :P

    But Asus are great and also made in China.

    This prove that the company that makes laptops that last 1 year more or less doesn't care about their costumers.

  • Honis
    ...overheating and eventual hardware crash.
    Don't know if you're quoting or trying to quote someone but software crashes and hardware fails.

    My parents have HP desktops that still run from the early days of windows 98. To bad their quality seems to have decreased over the years. They just "upgraded" to newer HP computers so I guess I'll see if this is more than the nVidia overheating problem.
  • vaughn2k
    Marco925I hope he does get a New Laptop
    In China? Surely he will do the same scenario again.
  • xtc28
    Check out all the DV series problems people. This has been going on for a while. I fix these machines daily. HP IS CRAP!!! All DV series laptop have this problem....... ALL! There are alot of Compaq with this same problem. The Nvidia chipset gets toooooo hot and warps the motherboard pulling the chip away from the board. There is a list of things that could be done about it and I assure you HP knows what the problem is but refuses to fix the problem. It would hurt there bottom dollar ..... So they say screw it just make them buy a new one. I believe this is a designed in flaw purposefully played out to ensure job security. TOOOOOO many of these come into my shop like this. I HATE HP because of this it has been going on tooooooooo Long!
  • tinmann
    No wonder the economy is crap everything sold here is made somewhere else and in this case in a Communist society. So now we are indirectly supporting Communism while millions of Americans are unemployed. And the real irony is they expect us to buy the product.
  • xkche
    HP makes me wait one month to change the display of my laptop
    >=( very bad repair service in Costa Rica...
    i don't trust in HP
  • korsen
    Um, once again they don't do a proper investigation into the faulty laptops. It should've encompassed every laptop embedded with the faulty GPU's. This is old news, and big tech i just selling us broken crap.