Hyundai Mini PC Gets Spec Bump, Remains Passively Cooled

The Hyundai Mini PC from all sides
(Image credit: Hyundai)

Hyundai, better known for its cars and some monstrous lawnmowers, also has a sideline in electronics and has just refreshed its Mini PC line, as spotted by the good people at Fanlesstech.

The unassuming black box doesn’t pack the kind of specs to send many of our readers’ hearts aflutter, we fear, being trapped well and truly at the bottom end of the market with its Celeron N4020 (Gemini Lake, 14nm, two cores, two threads, 2.8GHz, UHD Graphics 600 and a maximum of 8GB of RAM) as seen in the Hackboard 2, but what’s important is the chip’s 6W TDP, which allows it to be passively cooled. This chip is a step up from the N4000 CPU still listed on the official site, where the Mini PC is out of stock.

There are HDMI and VGA sockets, a Micro SD slot, two USB 2, two USB 3, and a lone Type-C, plus Windows 10 Pro to tie it all together. Sadly, the lone example for sale on Amazon for just $149 sports a paltry 4GB of RAM and a 64GB 'mechanical hard drive' (though we suspect it’s a flash drive, going by the ‘no moving parts’ claim), making it almost a pity purchase, as its SATA and M.2 (maddeningly, even the official spec list doesn’t mention if it’s NVMe or not) ports are desperate to be plugged into something faster - this 120GB Hyundai Sapphire SATA SSD going for just $20, maybe?

And while it's not going to stomp all over the likes of the Intel NUC 11, with a bit of love, it could become a workable productivity PC or media server, though it’s skirting close to the territory of the Raspberry Pi 4

Ian Evenden
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