Apple Files Patent for Touch iMacs Running iOS

Between Windows 7's touch-friendly infrastructure, the current bevvy of smartphones available, and the barrage of upcoming Android tablets expected to launch over the next couple of quarters, it's clear that touch-mania is present right across the board. Yes, from desktops, to laptops, to portable devices like slates and phones, touch sensitive input has definitely made an impact on the industry as a whole. Now Apple intends to marry its mobile OS with its desktop OS to provide a tablet-like experience on users' desktop and laptop computers.

Patently Apple has dug up an Apple patent filed earlier this year and reports that the documentation shows how the Cupertino-based company plans to develop iMacs and MacBooks that turn into touch-based input devices when orientated a certain way. As illustrated by the diagram above, the iMac's stand would be flexible, allowing users to adjust the normally vertical screen to an almost horizontal position. Depending on the angle you have the display at, your computer will switch to the OS you've associated with that position.

This patent covers Apple desktops and laptops, and endeavors to give people the best of both input worlds by allowing them to use the touchscreen for certain applications, like drawing, and the traditional keyboard and mouse for word processing and other similar tasks.

Though not all patent filings mean a product is in development, previous rumors have suggested Apple was planning to incorporate a touchscreen interface into OSX, matching up with Patently Apple's find quite nicely.

Source: Patently Apple.

  • Fetal
    Apple *sigh*
  • nevertell
    What kind of a sane person would buy this and use it in a way that doesn't include blending it, microwaving it, smashing it, dropping it from heights, or in any other way destroying it.
  • qu3becker
    nevertellWhat kind of a sane person would buy this and use it in a way that doesn't include blending it, microwaving it, smashing it, dropping it from heights, or in any other way destroying it.
    Apple's fan...
  • HansVonOhain
    This looks like a very impractical option to me. Smudges and dust obstructing your work.
  • thesupermedium
    So since they can just file a patent and not create it, can I file a patent for a black iMac, and then offer it to Apple for $10 million?
  • audioee
    Don't worry about fingerprints. Apple will just sell you a $100 iCleaning Kit. It will include an 8in X 8in iShamWOW and a 3oz spray bottle of some iWindex.
  • willgart
    switching from 1 OS to another by moving the screen????
    does this mean that you cant do everything with only 1 OS????

    having the idea of displaying differently the desktop could be a good idea.
    in vertical mode I display the app in fullscreen mode, the menu on the bottom.
    Switching it horizontaly could display the menus differently, like a perspective view(?)
    or this can switch the screen in 3D mode (the technology which doesn'T required some glasses) with a 3D interactive interface(?)

    but switching between 2 OS??? I really don't understand this one!

    they say "the user can choose the OS he want for each position", ok, can I choose... mmm... Windows 7 in vertical mode and ...mmm... windows 7 in horizontal mode??? ;)
  • nukemaster
    The flex base is just revolutionary. Ohh wait. never mind Samsung had it years ago(something very close).
  • agnickolov
    Fortunately, this patent is irrelevant for Windows-based PCs (as opposed to OS X based PCs aka Macs) since Windows 7 already supports multi-touch. They only need it because OS X doesn't.
  • ares1214
    Not a terrible idea, but not worth the $2000 they will charge for it.