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Some iPhone 5 Users Facing Date and Time Bug

A considerable number of iPhone owners are reporting a new bug for the smartphone consistently showing the wrong date and time.

Over 20 pages on the Apple Support Communities website has seen iPhone owners complaining about the date and time being incorrect. Some experience a delay of a day, while others are reporting as long as two weeks. The issue seems to be attributed to Verizon Wireless with the majority of those complaining saying they're Verizon subscribers.

"Mine isn't just off by 30 min," said one iPhone owner. "Today the black one was off by 15 days plus 6 hours and 12 minutes when I pulled it off the charger. The white one is my wife's and she complained yesterday evening that she had to fix the time 4 times throughout the day."

"I've had the phone for about two weeks and have noticed the time drifting slowly off by 3-5 minutes," stressed another. "Tonight [October 16] at 10:40pm it changed itself to September 28th 4:35pm."

Some iPhone owners say the issue is occurring at home, which is apparently mainly due to inconsistent Wi-Fi or LTE coverage.

Users have suggested several methods of purported fixes: changing the date and time from automatic to manual, turning off LTE, resetting the device, as well as toggling the Airplane mode.

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