Rumor: iPhone 5S Will Have Fingerprint Scanner

While Apple had a lot of things to talk about at WWDC, a new iPhone wasn't one of them. Despite months of rumors, the company didn't end up unveiling the long rumored iPhone 5S in San Francisco earlier this month, which means the rumor mill now has another couple of months to run wild before Apple inevitably announces a Fall event that is more in line with its recent iPhone update cycle.

According to the latest scuttlebutt, the newest iteration of Apple's smartphone will a biometric fingerprint scanner. Reuters cites supply chain sources that say Apple's new iPhone 5S will feature fingerprint technology. The site doesn't go into anymore detail on this feature, instead going on to talk about the possibility of a cheaper iPhone (something we've heard a million times before) but Patently Apple reports that Apple has been working on biometric sensors for fingerprint scanners for years. The site then points to a recently published patent that details fingerprint scanners in the bezel of electronic devices.

Other rumors about the iPhone 5S currently doing the rounds include a slightly larger battery, a higher resolution screen (double the pixel density), and a dual-LED flash.

  • ganjamaican
    Doubt it. The way how Apple operates is just to improve on like the camera, and speed. for the S Series. I bet however it would be on iPhone 6
  • gsxrme
    Im still waiting on thr happy ending slot. For the price its an overpriced android 4.2.2 pile.
  • CaedenV
    going to be really embarrassing when someone finds yet another cheap trick to get around the lock screen.
  • soldier44
    Same phone same look slight speed bump same stuff every year. They will act like its something revolutionary.
  • a-nano-moose
    What most smart phones I see really need is a fingerprint remover.
  • Garble
    More goodies for the NSA database
  • headscratcher
    Will it be able to read wrinkled finger prints?
  • Deadfred
    Is it possible that the US government could court order this data thereby finger printing all US citizens that use the iPhone?
  • trudgy
    I have that on my 2.5 year old Atrix :s
  • lamorpa
    I suspect lip print would work better, and integrate well into current use patterns.