iPod Touch Tear Down Shows Space for Camera

When Apple last week announced the new iPod touch and iPod nano, I joked that they'd probably put a camera in the iPod touch next year. I'm hoping that isn't the case but you never know, given that they're already taking space for a camera into account when it comes to manufacturing the device.

Check out the images below. The first image is from a tear down done by the folks at iFixit. You'll notice the little gap at the top of the device. The second picture is a leaked image from a few months ago; back when the whole camera thing was all rumors and reports. The gap you're seeing in the image below the tear down is filled with something similar to the camera found in the iPod nano.

Is there anyone considering waiting a year to see if Apple launches an iPod touch with a camera next year? Let us know in the comments below.

The full gallery of tear down images can be found here.

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  • Andraxxus
    That isn't where they put the camera that's where they put the extra explosives.
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  • hellwig
    Next to be banned from locker rooms, I-Pod Touch!

    "Did you just take a picture of me?"

    "How could I? This is just an MP3 player!"

    "Oh, ok then."
  • scoobertdoo
    who the heck is subscribing to this whole I-sht fad? a bunch of yuppies? drive your priuis save the whales and dig elton john on your mac.... losers.
  • duckmanx88
    TH ffs work on the weekends or don't post news at all. this was shown 4 days ago everywhere else.