Infineon intros 2 GByte notebook memory, hints to 1 GByte graphic cards

Munich - Infineon announced several new high-density memory products for tight spaces in notebooks and graphics systems - including a 2 GByte dual-die SO-DIMM and 512 Mbit GDDR3 devices for graphic cards with up to 1 GByte of memory.

Based on the technology of the 4 GByte desktop memory module launched in February, Infineon today said it will extend its dual-die product line and released samples of a high-density device for notebooks.

The 2 GByte DDR2 dual-die SO-DIMM target high-end notebooks and is manufactured with 8 dual-die 2 Gbit DDR2 components. The result is a 1.8 volt part with a density of 2 GByte and a thickness of 3.8 mm at the standard 30 mm height, Infineon said. The basic principle of dual-die memory is based on the concept of stacking two identical dies within one BGA package.

Due to the limited sample production, pricing of the modules is far from being affordable for the consumer at this time. Infineon currently lists a price of $1700 for each sample.

The company also launched new memory for performance graphics cards. The 512Mbit GDDR3 chips are built in a 16Mbit x 32 structure and are clocked 800 MHz, enabling data bandwidths of up to 51.2 Gbit per second and memory. The devices allow graphics card manufacturer to build their products with frame buffer sizes of 512 MByte or even 1 GByte (256 MByte in notebooks), according to Infineon. Volume production of the memory is scheduled for the second half of this year.

Another new product is a 1 GByte DDR2 Micro-DIMM module that could the manufacturing of lighter and smaller sub-notebooks and enhance battery lifetime. Infineon said the modules are about 65 percent smaller than common SO-DIMMs, consume about 50 percent less power, but are compliant to standards set by the Joint Electron Device Council (JEDEC). Samples of the modules have been shipped in PC2-3200 and PC2-4300 speeds to "select customers", according to the company.

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