Input Club’s Hako True, Clear Switches Available Via Group Buy

Input Club is now taking orders for its newly-designed Hako switches. Invented by Input Club members Jacob Alexander and Brandon Muzzin, the Hako switches are a variation on Kaihua’s Box switches and feature a vented, self-cleaning mechanism and a more stable slider that results in reduced wobble, purportedly increasing lifespan by 25%.  

Like the Halo switches designed by Input Club and produced by Massdrop, there are two version of these new switches, a “True” and a “Clear.” Both are medium-weight tactile switches designed to create a smooth actuation curve similar to Topre’s 55g switch.

The Hako Clear features a standard spring with the tactile event occurring at ~0.66mm at an actuation force of ~55g, with a peak tactile force of ~63g. It uses a plastic half-cylinder and metal leaf design, giving it a defined tactile bump much like the Cherry Clear switches they emulate.

Though similar in construction to the Hako Clear, the Hako True switches feature a shortened spring with the tactile event occurring at ~0.54mm, and a slightly greater actuation force of ~60g. However, a lower tactile force of ~58g makes for a more subtle tactile bump than its sibling. The True switches also feature a lighter preload on first touch.

Both switches feature ~3.6mm of travel with actuation at ~1.95mm. There’s a tension bias at the end of the travel, peaking at ~94g in the Trues and ~79g in the Clears, that’s intended to discourage you from bottoming out the slider when you type. The switches are rated for 80 million presses and are compatible with both through-hole and SMD LEDs. Both have clear housings.

Order buy-in is $54, which gets you 120 switches of either type. The group buy runs until November 28, and shipping is set for after the holiday season, on February 18 of next year.

Table source: (True, Clear)

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NameHako ClearHako True
StyleBox TactileBox Tactile
Stem ColorClearPink Salt
Actuation WeightMediumMedium
Tactile MethodPlastic Half Cylinder with Metal LeafPlastic Half Cylinder with Metal Leaf
LED StylesSMD or Through-hole CompatibleSMD or Through-hole Compatible
Tactile Peak Force ~63 gf ~58 gf
Actuation Force ~55 gf ~60 gf
Bottom-Out Force ~79 gf ~94 gf
Spring Force ~75 gf ~95 gf
Overall Travel ~3.6 mm ~3.6 mm
Tactile Event ~0.66 mm ~0.54 mm
Actuation ~1.95 mm ~1.95 mm
Cross-PointGold plated cross-pointGold plated cross-point