Intel's Two Atom, Celeron SKUs for Low-End 2013 Market

The publication pointed to the current Atom flagship processors, the 32 nm models D2550 and D2500, which sell for $47 and $42, respectively, as well as the 32 nm Celeron M ULV models 847 (dual-core, 1.1 GHz), and 807 (single core, 1.5 GHz).

There was no confirmation from Intel, but if Digitimes' information is correct, the choices Celeron M ULV 807 and 847 are rather interesting. They are certainly not the most attractive processors in any view the company would be able to offer next year for desktops. While the 807 is the cheapest mobile ULV Celeron processor on Intel's price sheet today ($70), there are faster and cheaper desktop versions available: The fastest Celeron processors today (G550, dual-core, 2.6 GHz) sell for a tray price of $52, while the bottom end (G440, single-core, 1.6 GHz) is available for $37. Sure, lower power consumption is always desirable, but this is a premium feature that usually does not count as much as a few more megahertz in the entry-level market.

There are certainly several decent processors to fill Intel's low-end processor market strategy, but Digitimes believes that the aforementioned Atoms and Celerons will be kept alive by Intel at least until Q3 2013. By that time, we would expect Haswell to make a strong showing that will allow Ivy Bridge to assume the dominant role in entry-level CPUs.


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