Intel Disables DirectX 12 for Some CPUs Due to Security Flaw

(Image credit: Intel)

Due to a potential security vulnerability, Intel has disabled support of the DirectX 12 application programming interface in its recent graphics drivers for its 4thGeneration Core 'Haswell' processors.

Starting from Intel's graphics driver version, applications that run exclusively on DirectX 12 API no longer work with GPUs integrated into Intel's 4th Generation Core processors as well as Celeron and Pentium chips powered by the Haswell architecture. The GPUs in question are based on Intel's Gen7 architecture. 

Intel says that some of its integrated GPUs contain a security vulnerability that may allow escalation of privilege. In a bid to mitigate the weakness, Intel decided to disable DirectX 12 API support on Haswell platforms, which naturally means that DirectX 12 games will no longer work on Haswell-based systems that use integrated GPUs. Those who need to run DirectX 12 applications based on the said GPU are advised to downgrade the driver to version or older.

It is noteworthy that Gen7 architecture is also used in Intel's 3rd Generation Core 'Ivy Bridge' CPUs. However, Intel has not deprecated DirectX 12 support for systems running these chips or at least has not issued a document on the matter.

Anton Shilov
Contributing Writer

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  • Toni Vicente
    What happen if integrated gpu is disabled in bios and use a dedicated gpu? They disable too the dx12 use?
  • ravewulf
    Toni Vicente said:
    What happen if integrated gpu is disabled in bios and use a dedicated gpu? They disable too the dx12 use?
    It's only for Intel's graphics driver for the iGPU. Discrete cards from NVIDIA and AMD won't be affected as they don't use Intel's graphics drivers. Presumably, Intel's upcoming discrete Xe cards won't be affected either as they will use a different Intel graphics driver than the iGPU.
  • anemusek
    Ehh, Intel and Microsoft want to block install W11 on older office systems. CPU we could unblock but missing Dx12 we don't.
  • urbanman2004
    Now I can't use the amazing Iris graphics that came integrated w/ my i7-4770K , awww shucks, lol :LOL: