Intel files for "VIIV" trademark

Chicago (IL) - Rumors have begun to fly about new trademarks Intel recently applied for. "Intel VIIV" and "Intel Inside VIIV" appeared on the website of the US Patent and Trademark office and could hint towards a logo for the firm's dual-core or 64-bit processors.

Leaving rational thinking aside, the "VIIV" word mark is believed to most likely stand for "64" since "VI" stands for the Roman figure "6" and "IV" for "4" - even if the correct Roman lateral for 64 would be LXIV.

Creative minds in journalism also came up with the idea that a more stylish "VIIV" symbol could stand for the upcoming Pentium 800 series, which likely will carry the brand name "Pentium 5": VIIV could symbolize two cores in symmetrical alignment, eWeek speculated. Another possible interpretation could be Intel's virtualization technology Vanderpool.

Intel declined to comment on the word mark. This leaves the field to speculations, what "VIIV" really could mean - until the real product is announced, the word mark is canceled such as "CLI-Intel". There is no guarantee the word mark will ever appear, since even competitor AMD registered for the trademarks "Adepton", "Cerus", "Forton", "Tegron", "Metaron", "Multeon" und "Vanton" which have been laying around unused so far.