Intel Sold Over 100 Million CPUs In Q3 2014, Record Revenue

Despite the economic recession, Intel seems to have scored big over the last quarter, shipping over 100 million processors within three months – a new company record. This includes chips for desktops, servers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

The company also set a new personal record for revenue, at $14.6 billion for the quarter, which is 8 percent more than Q3 2013. Net profits totaled $3.3 billion, a 12 percent increase. Part of the rise in profits is thanks to repurchasing stock, as the company used $4.2 billion to repurchase 122 million shares.

"We are pleased by the progress the company is making," said Intel CEO Brian Krzanich. "We achieved our best-ever revenue and strong profits in the third quarter. There is more to do, but our results give us confidence that we're successfully executing to our strategy of extending our products across a broad range of exciting new markets."

About two thirds of the revenue stems from the PC Client Group, which generated $9.2 billion over Q3 2014. The Data Center Group brought in $3.7 billion, while the Internet of Things group and the Software And Services groups each brought in about half a billion in revenues.

The Mobile And Communications Group reeled in just $1 million. In the previous year, the same group generated just north of $1 billion. According to Intel, though, this was within expectations.

Despite just having set a new record, Intel remains optimistic about the fourth quarter of this year. Analysts expect the company to generate 14.7 billion dollars in revenue (± 500 million), with a gross margin of 64 percent.

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  • ta152h
    Yes, but how many of them are wrapped in $20 bills from Intel?

    Buying market share by paying people to use your processors is strange thing to boast about.

    Even so, they had a fine quarter, it's just the boasting about the amount of processors they sold irks me a little, since they had to pay people on many of those 'sales'.
  • zxt827
    This was because the lack of competitors. We all know how AMD is doing, as well as other procesor companies. No one come close to compete with Intel. This is not a very good thing for us, the consumers. We like intel's product, but when it comes to the prices, we can't say they are very user friendly. A 64% gross margin, we are being ripped off guys!
  • bustak2121
    Yea, they may be making a ton of money. Without extra Revenue, how would they put money into future technology? We are all 'investing' in the future of advancing processors by purchasing their current products.