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List of Broken Games on Alder Lake Down to Just Three

12th Generation Alder Lake Processor
(Image credit: Intel)

Intel and Denuvo have worked steadily to fix many of the games plagued with DRM incompatibility issues stemming from Alder Lake's hybrid architecture. As a result, what used to be a list of over 90 titles has been brought down to just three, including Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, Fernbus Simulator, and Madden 22.

This is good news for Alder Lake, as gamers can now buy Alder Lake without worrying about running into incompatibility issues with the new leading-edge hybrid x86 architecture unless they're running one of those three games. With how quickly Denuvo patched these DRM issues, we suspect the remaining three games should get a fix soon.

The issues all started when Alder Lake first arrived on the scene. It was quickly discovered that over 90 game titles were incompatible with the new Intel architecture thanks to its new hybrid design that consists of two entirely different core clusters.

The main reason for the issue mostly stems from incompatibility issues. The Denuvo DRM identified the two core clusters on Alder Lake processors as two entirely different systems, causing the program to force quit the game because it thinks it is running on two entirely different computers. 

Thankfully, it has been just a month since the Alder Lake launch. All these game issues have effectively been fixed thanks to DRM updates, developers deleting DRM solutions from their games, and Windows 10/11 cumulative updates.

All that remains are the current three titles that have to be fixed -- in the meantime, there is a current workaround that makes these games playable on Alder Lake systems. If your system supports it, you can repurpose the scroll lock key to temporarily disable the E-cores to ensure the DRM doesn't force close your game.